RPG Launchpad: CrownHOOD’s House of Allies Fully-Explained

House of Allies

Parameters for Joining the House of Allies:

The House of Allies consist of three roles namely the Nobles (VCs), the Monarchs (Project Managers), and the Captains (KOLs and Social media influencers). This house belongs to the broader network of industrial players who operate as independent entities and collaborate passively to provide value for the entire ecosystem. A large chunk of members in this house, if not all, have a very wide media coverage capacity through their personal reputed channels and they also have large sum investments as private holdings. Just as the soul is the oil for the body, the VCs, project managers, KOLs and social media influencers wield the plug of major activities in CrownHOOD.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • For VCs — VCs would connect us to other projects they are in collaboration and/or partnerships with. They will make introductions that would put CrownPAD forward in the best ways possible and thus, make a convincing appeal for different projects to launch on our platform.
  • VCs are important in the financial health of our ecosystem as they will provide private funding that can fulfill a sizable part of our investment requirements. A potentially strategic VC partner therefore solves this issue through multiple sources of investments on the projects that we select for launch.
  • For project management — In case of an upcoming project, a clear picture of project requirements is important for the launchpad community to get behind them. The energy of project managers also reflects in the general investor morale during the public and private rounds of investments.
  • The project managers are therefore expected to be honest, forthcoming and transparent with us. This would help us make great decisions on different projects with corroborating facts from the project managers to support their recommendations.
  • For KOLs and Social Media Influencers — their primary responsibility is reaching-out to the world and in particular, the over 1 billion crypto enthusiasts that currently exist globally. We expect that our KOL partners will push our IDO and other related content through their reputed channels. We are expecting them to also push our launchpad ecosystem very thoroughly and popularize CrownPAD beyond continental divides.

Perks of Being in the House of Allies

  • Members in this house will get access to Launchpad projects on a priority basis.
  • They will also get their choice of investment options for selected projects.
  • They will get access to the treasure trove of talents that abound in the CrownHOOD community.
  • They can also collaborate with various interesting professionals in our community to serve their extended networks of blockchain projects.
  • Members in this house will participate in individual quests like the ‘Investor quest’ and ‘influencer quest’ to increase their XP points. By this, they would rise to a position where they can operate as a part of our DAO community.

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