Introducing CronosWorld — An all-in-one platform for the Cronos Ecosystem.

We are excited to introduce and welcome you to the CronosWorld-Blog, a newsroom for developments taking place at CronosWorld.

CronosWorld, as a platform, is building a diverse product portfolio that strives to serve multiple purposes on the Cronos network. The platform aims to contribute to developers’ and investors’ widespread adoption of the Cronos chain, therefore benefiting all the stakeholders.

Furthermore, in order to secure the long-term viability of the whole ecosystem, CronosWorld intends to offer an all-encompassing depiction of everything that Cronos blockchain users will require.

CronosWorld’s contribution to the Cronos chain includes a decentralized exchange (DEX), an NFT marketplace, a launchpad, and an incubator for Cronos chain-based projects. Similarly, the platform also has plans to launch a Game-fi ecosystem for play to win games.

CronosWorld — Building the future for Cronos Chain

that will make cryptocurrencies simple and easy to swap. Cronos DEX is a platform that promises to develop a simple and scalable crypto exchange that is quick, secure, and lightweight.

to ensure that great blockchain projects on the Cronos chain receive the best investment, business development resources, strategic assistance, and access to tools and technology. CronosWorld seeks to provide the best resources to any deserving initiative in order to get it off the ground.

where artists and collectors can easily mint, purchase, and sell NFTs on the Cronos chain. The platform will also have a private NFT community where artists may share insights, collaborate, and network.

With the introduction of all the products, CronosWorld establishes a basis for the entire Cronos Ecosystem.

CronosWorld — How do we stand apart?

Adapting to a new chain is always challenging at first.

Since Cronos is a new chain it will attract many projects, making it difficult for new users wanting to invest in this space, to make sense of all the new information and decide which platform to trust.

While most enthusiastic DeFi users manage to navigate through the chaos, the majority just want a simple platform which enables them to do everything at one place. And that’s where we come in!

About Cronos Chain

Cronos is a new Blockchain developed by, a company that has played a significant role in growing crypto adoption throughout the world. is the world’s top centralized exchange (CEX) that has teamed with VISA to provide prepaid crypto Visa cards. They are known for sponsoring the most prominent sports teams along with having long-term relationships with them.

CronosWorld: Laying the foundation for Cronos Ecosystem

Cronos chain is on its way to disrupting and reinventing the EVM. With its high potential for scalability and interoperability, the platform aims to revolutionize the entire blockchain technology. Furthermore, by utilizing Proof of Authority (PoA) and being open source, Cronos seeks to establish a best-in-class blockchain ecosystem in the decentralized world.

On the other hand, CronosWorld combines DeFi and NFTs to provide one of the Cronos ecosystem’s best products. With a single platform, we hope to ease the transition of DeFi users into Cronos ecosystem.



A world with a Launchpad, a Marketplace and a DEX on Cronos chain. Get ready for the complete end-to-end Cronos experience.

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Cronos World

A world with a Launchpad, a Marketplace and a DEX on Cronos chain. Get ready for the complete end-to-end Cronos experience.