Cronos World announces strategic partnership with The Launch Hive

Cronos World is pleased to announce The Launch Hive as a Strategic Partner. With this partnership Cronos World and The Launch Hive aspire to build a vital ecosystem and exchange ideas to give rise to a solid foundation in building a strong community base around the globe.

The Launch Hive is a development platform that will help Cronos World to build a strong and widespread developers network across the global crypto space.

With a strong base in Crypto Space The Launch Hive will not only help Cronos World to establish itself in the Cryptocurrency market but also assists it’s community to get exclusive access to the projects that are launched on CrownPAD and would play a major role building a healthy structure for the long run for both its community and CrownPAD.

With this partnership both Cronos World visions to be a part of The Launch Hive’s networking guild aspire to bring out a very robust Cryptocurrency platform with a thriving community for the future. In the long run, the developer community at The Launch Hive will act as technical incubation partner for the projects that CrownPAD will be incubating.

About Launch-Hive

The Launch Hive has created an open community of like-minded crypto investors. With their data-driven approach, they pick the most promising new Crypto projects and give their community the possibility to invest in these innovative projects before they become publicly available on the market. The Launch Hive originally consists of mostly data engineers and developers, giving Cronos World the possibility to tap into this immense base of IT knowledge and power when needed.

About CronosWorld

Cronos World platform is creating a distinct product portfolio that aspires to serve multiple objectives on the Cronos Chain. The platform aims to contribute to developers and investors in the extensive adoption of the Cronos chain, thus aiding all the stakeholders efficiently.

Cronos World includes a decentralized exchange (DEX), an NFT marketplace, a launchpad, and an incubator for Crypto projects. The platform also has agendas to undertake a Game-Fi ecosystem where players can participate in a scheme of play to win.

As a result, Cronos World hopes to solidify the groundwork for the entire Cronos ecosystem, thereby giving rise to a unique platform.

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