Community Partnership Announcement: Cronos World X Blockster

Cronos World x Blockster

We are excited to announce a community partnership with Blockster: A crypto content media platform. Blockster is a new age media platform catering to news, updates & information about the crypto industry. They boast of foot traffic of 50,000,000 unique visits per month to their website and the number is growing with each passing day. The partnership will help us to seamlessly distribute high-quality content to the crypto community.

How Blockster partnership helps Cronos World:

  • Pushing out informational, promotional and educational content about Cronos World through these channels. The large user base also helps Blockster to push advertisements of projects to its dedicated user base.
  • Advertise on the platform, and leverage the user data analytics to create specified content and distribute these ads with razor-sharp precision.
  • The Blockster feed will be an apt place for us to keep in touch with the community, host discussion groups and reach a more crypto specific audience.

About Blockster

Blockster describes themselves as a community of crypto hustlers ranging from investors whales to project builders. They specialise in curating a content environment particularly for the crypto industry and the large traffic on the site makes it an ideal channel for distribution of high quality content. They have an operating social media feed (Blockfeed) & video section (Blockster TV) that offers a space for community discussions, latest trends, news, etc.

About Cronos World

CronosWorld is a platform that aims to provide a diverse product portfolio for serving multiple purposes on the Cronos network. It is an “all in one platform for Cronos Ecosystem”. The contribution of CronosWorld to the Cronos chain includes a Decentralized exchange (DEX), an NFT marketplace, a launchpad, and an incubator for Cronos’s chain-based project. Moreover, the platform is also planning to launch a Game-Fi.

However, the Cronos chain is new in the Blockchain space, and CronosWorld pursues to provide a smooth onboarding experience for investors to adapt Cronos Ecosystem by providing them everything in one place.

Cronos World — Your gateway to IDOs, NFTs & Swaps 💫

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