An Explainer: Wildcard Allocation Methodology With Something Good For Everyone

The entry of CrownPAD into the market is already sending cold shivers down the spine of other projects. Predominantly, CrownPAD is a multi-chain launchpad that thrives on a pool of a skillful community and connects blockchain projects with a powerhouse of motivated professionals. Not only that CrownPAD is unique by its community-first structure, but its impressive allocation methodology remains one of the distinguishing features among other launchpads in the industry.

The Problem With Different Allocation Methods

As it is on most launchpads today, their allocation methodology does not safeguard investment returns, nor protect the enthusiasm that propels investment.

Investors with a large budget, for example, get guaranteed project shares while investors with a low budget have to go through a lottery system. To put it differently, the major attention is given to large-sums investors whereas the lesser-sums investors would also like to get a fair share exploring investment opportunities.

Apart from that, making a choice between guaranteed allocation and a lottery allocation system. A guaranteed allocation ensures you a whitelist spot, but with a low ticket amount while a lottery allocation would allow a bigger ticket size, but does not assure you a spot.

However, these gross limitations commonly associated with many launchpads in the industry represent a key component of what CrownPAD is tackling, hence the Wildcard solution.

An Explainer on Wildcard Allocation Method

This allocation method will enable low-budget investors in the community to participate in the whitelisting process. Wildcard allocation method will make investors eligible for whitelisting with a minimum allocation size of 1 $CROWN token. This mainly focuses on investors who are skeptical of investing at the minimum level. However, there are three sections in this method where the eligibility of the whitelisting is determined namely the competition category, lottery category, and the influencer category.

Additionally, there are progressive value-added opportunities to boost investments with our allocation power-ups. This will boost your guaranteed ticket size by a multiple of 2 up to 5 (Note: Our allocation power-ups scheme will be fully explained in our forthcoming articles).

In conclusion, CrownPAD’s wildcard allocation method is redefining the investment experience of crypto enthusiasts and as well revamping the distribution logic of many blockchain projects. The wildcard allocation method, as discussed above, opens the door for every investor and gives an equal opportunity for everyone to access growth.

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